Creative Corner:
Poetry by Ritual Abuse Survivors

Ritual Abuse,
Ritual Crime
and Healing


Ritual Abuse Survivors Poetry Corner

All poems are © copyright by the author. Permission is given to copy for personal healing, as long as no commercial use is made of this material.

Survivors: Please be careful reading this poetry. Many of the poems have upsetting images, and a few contain actual triggers which may set off programs in susceptible individuals. This is less likely to happen if you remind yourself frequently that the poems are offered in the service of healing. It is wise to read only a couple of poems at a time: in this way, if you have a strong reaction, you can trace it to the particular poem or phrase that speaks to you.

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Table of Contents (Poems in sequence submitted)

A Toast vern
A woman in pain Ike
Abused Angel Joshua
Between the Heartbeats Marc
Born into Hell Jimma
Circles Gina, age 10
Daybreak anon
Death LI
Determination Patty
Double Vision Sonia
Grind the Baby Three
Gummy Bears Sid
Her Memories....Let Me Be!!! Gale
How are you? Storyteller
Hide Bound Tapir
Illusions Lori
Impotent Rage kat
Inside My Skull sherlok
Insomnia anon
Is It My Fault? N. K.
It Sortee
My Easy Way Out N. K.
Night Rituals from The Land of Flying Children Kerensa of the Twilight Children
Night Terror Macabre
patients sherlok
Rats Star of the Mirror Family
Recipe For Fear Lori
Remembering Incest C. J. W.
Scream the Rage Dave N.
Shadows Cristy W
Sid's Christmas Fantasy Sid
Sometimes sherlok
Teddy Bear Death Gale
The Abyss Emerald Island
The Growing Pain of an Innocent Child Sue
The healing journey suzyo
The I's of Me Twilight Child
The Little Match Girl Bob King
The parts of me Tania
This is how I walk the edge Sonia
To My First-Born Sonia
Untitled Amanda
Untitled Tapir
Untitled susie, age 7
Untitled LI
Untitled susie, age 7
Untitled LI
Untitled Sonya
Untitled Barb
Venom for the anima T.A.B.
Voices Jimma
Wait leena
Was Here to Suffer The other light in the night
Welcome To Her World Lori
Winter Solstice on Pleasant Street agape
You'll Return Janice Knowlton
There are Monsters Out There GhostWolf

A Child's Trust Alma L. Jackson

In Memorandum of You Tania

Secrets Tania

To My Many Raj


Strange Person Tara

Don't Hurt the Animals Tara

Damaged Goods Anonymous

Untitled kaletal

Beachcomber kaletal

Untitled kaletal

Untitled kaletal

Untitled Disfigured

Shapes Silence

Tears Silence

Untitled Shannon

Untitled Bren

Cassi Fingers AKA sabretee

Shadows aren't Real Scott
The Birds and I Scott
Dark Sun Rising T. GhostWolf Davidson
Snakes Debbee
the girl without a name Debbee
Being ok? Debbee
Longing Debbie
My Child Tina
Stop Charlie (14)
dead Charlie (14)
never ending pain Charlie
why? Charlie
Down the Path Kathy
Thanksgiving billie
Czar the Immortal Regan
Shame Charlie
Monster Charlie
Christmastime Lily
Tomb Raider Lily
Grief Lily
Sad Lily
Funeral Song Lily
Epitaph Lily
Storm Lily
Flood Lily
I Just Wanted Denford Owens
Never A Child Karen Crane
What Life?? Karen Crane
Untitled poem by Mary Mocsary
Captive Spirit by Mary Mocsary
There's Something Beautiful About Death agape
Graveyard Tina
Home Coming Soul Tina
Perpetrators Tina
Crusaders Tina
Runaway Soul Tina
My Soul Tina
Life Guard Tina
Coming Home Tina
Cloaking Feathers Chris Brannon
She Never Had a Chance Beth

Those days peter

The Fallen Angel peter
For Just a Short While Carol Ann Roberts


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