Creative Corner:
Poetry by Ritual Abuse Survivors

Ritual Abuse,
Ritual Crime
and Healing




when I awaken in the small
gray light of sleep's leaving
and the warmth of dawn,
I know my life as gift
and blessing both
now and then.<

a sight or smell or taste
will bring me back to some joyous
happy time and
I feel my heart lift and stretch
like a bird longing for the sky.

when the day is gray and cold
I stretch myself between sleeping and
awakening to find my center in between
the soft hands of sleep and consciousness.

when we are younger
I find awe in little things
and not knowing is less important
than this heart beat.

when I view my scars
I touch them gently
and shed the tears that
we have held too long.
Our hand will not raise against
the flow.

Sometimes the veil between now and then
falls away and I can reclaim
my heart which I hid so deeply

I know without doubt
that I am loved
and that what happened to
me did not defeat me
and that I will live
long enough to learn to
love again.

I hear a song or sound
and I am moved to tears
of sweetness
for I had closed my ears
so long ago
I did not think I could
hear that way again.

comes more
because I am
and living.

  • sherlok, 1995


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