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Ritual Abuse,
Ritual Crime
and Healing


Teddy Bear Death


They torched my Teddy,
The only one who cared.
They told me I was next
If I didn't beware.

They would hurt me just like Teddy
If I didn't do what they said.
Teddy roasted like a marshmallow,
Burnt to a crisp till he was dead.

They could do the same to me,
Said they could put me in his place.
If I failed to obey
That would also be my fate.

They told me to look,
To see his fur in flames.
Teddy had done nothing,
Where was his blame?

He'd only loved me
When no one else had.
He'd cuddled with me
Whenever I felt bad.

His only fault was making me smile
And being there to be loved.
His life now ashes
Because his grave my love dug.

They made me watch
As they killed my only friend.
I sobbed for his release
While they laughed to the bitter end.

  • Gale


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