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Poetry by Ritual Abuse Survivors

Ritual Abuse,
Ritual Crime
and Healing


The Abyss


Spirits of Dim and Darkness
Chase unseen to steal our life;
Before our eyes,
Before we realise,
Our feet stumble into an abyss . . .
.The Abyss of Despair is this!
But looking up,
Above, the only way,
Night goes on to day . . .
We suck the silent ray,
The Sun,
The Son,
The Light of Life takes us away,
Out of our clouded pit.
The Abyss is it;
By now we're flying;
Unless gone back down and dying,
Where then so we're found crying,
Our life paled by Spirits of Lying;
The choice is ours, to see or sleep;
But behold such powers
Of the Spirits that creep!

  • Emerald Island


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